Global Standards on Shipping and Trade Practices


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Training: Global Standards on Shipping and Trade Practices

DATE: August 7, 2019 | September 4, 2019 | October 2, 2019 | November 6, 2019 | December 2, 2019

DURATION: 9 am to 4 pm

VENUE: Ilearn International Institute Training Center




Meg B. Marzan is the founder and Chief Operations Officer of Ilearn International Institute, a human resource development provider capable of creating client oriented training programs that are informative, practical, and enjoyable with the use of up-to-date modules, emerging technologies, and best practices. As a trainer and founder of iLearn she was able to provide trainings and consulting programs for clients such as EEI Corporation, Delfi Marketing Inc, Shell Petroleum Pilipinas, Puregold, Dole Asia, LBC Express, Unilever and participates in the contribution to provide better service for Filipino people by serving government clients such as GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, DOH, PNOC, OTC and PDEA among others. She has a valuable combination of being a resource speaker, a successful practitioner, an
educator, and a consultant for Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Procurement, International Shipping & Brokerage, General Management, Assets and Property management. She recently acquired a Certification on Human Resource Management from the International Federation of Professional
Managers (IFPM) which is a globally recognized designation for HR Professionals.
An active and proud member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers who aim to commit to upholding the holistic development of professional speakers in the country by continuously developing core competencies: Eloquence, Expertise, Enterprise, Ethics, and Extension. As a learning advocate and having an entrepreneur mindset, she believes that through Continuous Professional Learning she helps build the Nation One Employee One Company at A Time.


The growth of international trade of a country (exports and imports) results in opportunities for the
growth and expansion of international transport. On the other hand, international transport services
are necessary to facilitate growth in trade. Efficient, reliable, competitive transport services are thus
critical for exporters and importers who wish to expand their trade.

In this module, you will be provided with an overview of the linkage between trade and transport.
You will learn how a country can “gain” resulting from trade, currency exchange and the different
types of contracts relating to international transactions.



Identify connection between international transportation and trading.

State the meaning of “gain” from international trade among participating countries.

State some barriers from the practice of free trade.

Appreciation of currency exchange and implication to trade

Identify types of contracts relating to international sale transactions

Understand the roles and obligations for international transactions

Learn and understand the deal of Freight Forwarders with Shipping Lines

Identify the functions of a Modern Freight Forwarder

How to win clients thru submission of a Formal competitive quotations


Module 1 –Linking Trade & Transport

*Trade & transport connections

*Trade Gains

*Barriers of Free Trade

*Methods of Payments

*International Sale Transactions

Module 2 – International Credit Transactions

*International contracts of sale

*Modes of Payments for International Transactions

*Documentary credit and its advantages& procedures

*Role for Freight Forwarders

Module 3 –International Commercial Shipping Terms

*Definition of Incoterms

*Roles and Obligations of Buyers and Sellers

*Shipping terms and Insurance

*Module 4– Shipping Arrangements

*Shipping/Carrier service/Conference Line

*Freight Forwarders deal with Conference Liners

*Determining Choice of service

Module 5- International Shipping Documentations

*Bill of Lading & Contents


*Negotiable and Non Negotiable

*Other Transport Documents

Module 6- Forwarders /Carriers Liability in relation to goods

*Liability of Freight forwarders

*Common Factors that leads to Liabilities

*Other Modes of Transport

Module 7– Other Role of Freight Forwarder

*Functions of a Modern Freight Forwarder

*Defining forwarders as principal or agent?

Module 8-Process of Cargo Consolidation

*Consolidation Defined

*Freight Forwarder as a Consolidator

*Advantages of Consolidations

Module 9: Multimodal Transport

*Definition,Advantages & Forms

*Module 10: Process of Cargo & Packaging

*Commodity to Cargo

*Methods of Cargo Packaging

*Handling & Preparation

*Loading & Unloading

*Documents and Packaging

Module 11: Cargo handling equipments

*Port Equipments

*Vessel Handling Equipments

Module 12: How to win over clients thru your proposals

*Shipping Line Charges for FCL and LCL Cargos

*Job Costing

*Meeting Customers Wants


Module 13: Alternative Transport Solutions

*Types of Mtos

*Relations with Intervening parties

*Scope of Mtos

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